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Globopoint Consultants Limited is geared towards facilitating business startups, overseeing growth, supporting a sustainable and prolonged maturity stage and turning around declining organizations towards vision actualization.


We offer business consultancy ranging from fieldwork to office place advisory services


We are experts in training services. Our scope range from customized, to short courses to standardized trainings


We offer business' field and corporate research services customized to employer's needs

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Dr. Wandera Ogwobo (Ph.D.) — Founder & CEO.

Globo Network is for anyone who needs or provides help in advancing skills. This makes it a natural fit for all phases and activities in our lives.

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Globopoint consultants limited were involved in the development of the 5 year strategic plan for NG-CDF Matuga for the financial period 2017/18-2022/23. All I can say is "a big thank you" for the document is alive to date and very practical. I recommend them for any consultancy job. Indeed, they shape the future!
Hon. Kasim Sawa
MP Matuga
This has been my dream learning tool. I do enjoy every bit of the online learning ranging from video courses to 'professional courses' notes for exam preparation. I can't thank GloboPoint consultants enough! Keep it up with the good work! I specifically like the innovation and frequent updating of the courses.
Ben Kizito
Online learner
My business would be no more without Globoopoint Consultants Limited! They literally saved me from the Jaws of Kenya Revenue Authority and helped me get out of ignorance. I recommend them without any reservation in book keeping, tax management and website hosting.
Bonface Juma
Business owner
Amazing! Full of information trainings. No matter how much you think you know, there is always a lot to learn from the carefully selected and experienced GloboPoint Consultants Limited trainers. Quality, Value and results are their other names! I highly recommend them for business trainings.
Barngetuny Serem
HR proffesional

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