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Frequently Asked Questions

We do offer tailor-made and standardised training programs which can be handled as an in-house block training or the company can simply nominate a delegate to attend the training which will be attended by other delegates as well from different institutions.

We offer business training, research and consultancy services on corporate governance, human resource, finance and accounting, operations, sales and marketing, production and all business related fields.

We are:

  1. NITA (National Industrial Training Authority) certified
  2. IHRM (Institute of Human Resource Management) certified and Practitioners
  3. ICPAK Accounting Controls and Consultancy Practitioners
  4. ICS (Institute of Certified Secretaries) Corporate Governance experts and Practitioners

Yes. The rates on the calendar are standardised but  different situations may call for different concessions. We are friendly and considerate to the unique characteristics and situations of our clients.

It is attached on the home page of this website. Just click on the 2022 calendar button and download.

Yes we do offer Individual personalised training and provide short courses & programs unique to individual needs. We mentor and coach.

To shape the today world by providing quality, value-add services.

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